att-signIf you’ve been grandfathered into AT&T’s unlimited data plan, that’s great because it’s almost impossible to find a similar deal like you would get nowadays. In fact even Verizon is starting to force their unlimited users to move to other plans, although it seems that AT&T could also be pushing for that albeit in a subtle way.


In a report from ArsTechnica, it seems that AT&T has confirmed that customers in their grandfathered unlimited data plan can expect to fork out an extra $5 a month due to a recent price hike. AT&T’s statement reads, “If you have a legacy unlimited data plan, you can keep it; however, beginning in March 2017, it will increase by $5 per month.”

As Ars points out, AT&T had kept the price of its unlimited data plan at $30 a month for 7 years until February last year where it was increased to $35. However with this recent price hike, it brings it up to $40 a month, and add in voice and texting, you should end up paying about $90 a month. This is a lot considering that a few years ago, your monthly bill was $80, meaning you’re now paying $120 a year extra.

We guess customers do have the choice of switching to a different plan or carrier if they choose, but if you think that AT&T’s unlimited data plan is just too good to give up, then we guess you’ll have no choice but to keep paying for it.

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