blue-tech-buddy[CES 2017] While the past couple of years have seen the trend of everyone attempting to own a drone of their own, it looks like from this year onward, the trend might change. A drone is not that hot a piece of property, and perhaps a personal robot might be the “in” thing to have this year. Blue Frog Robotics of France has showcased their Buddy, a companion robot which claims to be able to improve your everyday life. I don’t know about you, but Buddy is more of a cute plaything than serious toy like a drone, and the lack of arms can be unnerving at first sight, especially when it looks at you with those manga-like eyes.


The Buddy will sport open source coding which will go a long way in making it customizable, and even more so if it were to pick up a strong following among the masses. This might be the first step towards the democratizing of robotics among the masses, since it is built based on an open-source technology platform, opening the doors for global developers regardless of where they are to come up with various applications that the Buddy will run.

What are some of the benefits of Buddy?He can protect your home, offer assistance while you are trying to whip up a new recipe, or keep the whole family entertained with streaming videos and music playback. Heck, Buddy can even be your own alarm clock and calendar, and is capable of interacting with many other smart home solutions. Needless to say, Buddy will also double up as a home security camera when you are not around.

Tipping the scales at slightly more than 5 kg, Buddy will rn from 8 to 10 hours before requiring a recharge and has an 8-inch touchscreen display for its “face”.

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