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Zhor-Tech Reveals Smartshoe With Integrated Adaptive Cushioning
[CES 2017] Gone are the days when you simply walked into a shoe store and picked up a pair of shoes as long as they fit. Heck, even if they didn’t, you still had to live with that, and perhaps purchased some sort of shoe cushion to make it as comfortable as possible. Thanks to modern day technology, the folks at Zhor-Tech have presented their very first smartshoe that not […]

Buddy The Companion Robot
[CES 2017] While the past couple of years have seen the trend of everyone attempting to own a drone of their own, it looks like from this year onward, the trend might change. A drone is not that hot a piece of property, and perhaps a personal robot might be the “in” thing to have this year. Blue Frog Robotics of France has showcased their Buddy, a companion robot which […]

Enerbee Smart Vent Makes It Easier To Monitor Indoor Air Quality
[CES 2017] Enerbee intends to deliver an unprecedented level of intelligence when it comes to indoor air quality through the presence of an innovation that they call the Smart Vent. The Smart Vent is described to be a home-based device which will change the way indoor air quality is monitored, as well as distribution of air that is controlled for HVAC applications.

BenjiLock Rechargeable Padlock Sports Fingerprint Technology
[CES 2017] Not all locks are created equal, and over the years, we have seen huge strides made in the world of security — be it commercial or for simple home use. The padlock is one of the most basic security device that we find used in millions of homes worldwide, and for good reason, too. It is relatively affordable and does offer a degree of peace of mind. BenjiLock […]


Helia Smart LED Lights From Soraa Communicate Via Home’s Electrical Wiring System
[CES 2017] What are some of the lighting solutions that your home makes use of? For some of us, we would normally settle for something normal from Ikea or other general hardware store. However, with the advent of smart homes and the ilk, we have the likes of Soraa entering the picture. Soraa is a lighting company that intends to roll out their maiden smart LED light known as Helia, […]

Activbody Reveals Activ5 Strength Training Device
[CES 2017] The new year would bring with it opportunities to start afresh as well as anew. For many of us, this would mean taking the fight to the hilt in the battle of the bulge, especially around the waist area. Well, what other possibilities are there, and can technology aid us in our quest? Apparently so, as Activbody has revealed the Activ5. The Activ5 happens to be the very […]

Sevenhugs Smart Remote: One Remote To Control Them All
What started off as an Indiegogo project is now ready and waiting to be released. We are at CES Unveiled, where the Sevenhugs Smart Remote is certainly an interesting proposition for any smart and connected home.

LoveBox Is The Most Romantic Wooden Box, Ever
[CES 2017] Love is a many splendored thing, but maintaining it is a challenge even for the most hopeless of romantics. Well, a long distance relationship can be extremely difficult to maintain, but apart from instant messages, phone calls, and video calls, what other ways can one explore to maintain that level of spark and commitment? How about the LoveBox? The LoveBox is a smart, connected box made out of […]

Emotech’s Olly Robot Is A Smart Lifestyle Assistant
[CES 2017] As we continue the relentless march into the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to permeate and play a strong role in our everyday lives. CES Unveiled plays host to Emotech’s Olly robot which also happens to be a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree across not one, two or three, but a quartet of categories! The Olly robot is a smart lifestyle assistant which makes use of deep […]