Last week we stated that Blizzard would detail the upcoming Necromancer class for Diablo 3, and sure enough they did. The Necromancer class was first revealed at BlizzCon 2016 last year. The launch trailer did reveal some abilities that we might be able to expect, but the Q&A revealed some additional details.

For starters the Necromancer’s pets/minions will be making a return. However some will be temporary summons while others will be permanent, but both will allow the hero to deal damage to enemy units. Blizzard also revealed that golems will be part of the Necromancer’s summons and will see about 4-5 new golems added to the game.

They also revealed that the Necromancer will be different from the Diablo 2 version, which they say was used as a “jumping off point”. One of those differences is the removal of certain skills, such as Iron Maiden and poison-based spells, both of which are currently used by the Witch Doctor class, which we guess is a way for Blizzard to differentiate the two classes.

There are also toying with the idea of giving the class melee weapon options, such as two-handed scythes. As for pricing and availability, the game’s community manager Brandy Camel said, “We won’t be talking today about the launch date or pricing. Those things just aren’t ready yet.” In the meantime the Q&A session can be watched in the video above if you are curious.

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