They say that the mind is usually the first thing to go when you get older, which is why it is typically recommended for older people to keep themselves mentally stimulated. This can come in all sorts of ways, such as picking up a hobby, talking with others, reading, and so on. However Intuition Robotics might have a hi-tech solution in the form of ElliQ.

The goal of ElliQ, according to the company, is to provide companionship to the elderly which at the same time will keep them active and engaged. The company is also boasting that the ElliQ has been purposely designed to not resemble more traditional robots, and was created in collaboration with famed industrial designer, Yves Béhar.

We have to say that in terms of unconventional design, they have certainly nailed that part. So how does ElliQ work? The robot will be able to proactively suggest digital content to its user, such as audiobooks, TED talks, music, or even recommending physical activities that the user can do in the real-world.

It can even keep their appointments, remind them to take their medication, and will even work with the likes of Facebook Messenger so that users can remain in touch with their family members. Through the use of machine learning, ElliQ is also capable of learning the user’s preferences, behavior, and personality over time.

In terms of availability, Intuition Robotics will begin a trial phase at the homes of older adults in the Bay Area this coming February 2017.

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