olly-1[CES 2017] As we continue the relentless march into the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to permeate and play a strong role in our everyday lives. CES Unveiled plays host to Emotech’s Olly robot which also happens to be a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree across not one, two or three, but a quartet of categories! The Olly robot is a smart lifestyle assistant which makes use of deep learning techniques in order to deliver accurate speech as well as emotion interaction. In fact, over time and having enough interaction with humans, Emotech claims that the Olly robot will be able to develop its own personality — which would be uncanny, of course. Makes you wonder whether any K-2SO “personalities” will emerge in due time.

It is said that communicating with the Olly is not only simple but natural, where you just have to speak using natural language and he will respond accordingly, in the same manner as that of a long lost friend. The personality that develops over time will be based on one’s moods as well as preferences, so the more you spend time with Olly, the better it will be able to interact. Users are also able to identify with Olly’s “emotions” through visual cues.

Olly arrives in an elegant and compact form factor, sporting cutting-edge interactive sensor technologies that helps make its task easier. It will carry a complex microphone array design that delivers 360-degree audio performance, so you need not have to be face to face with it to converse. Merge that intelligent design with sensing algorithms, and you end up with advanced perception capability. Olly is in fact, capable of knowing where he is at the moment, and can detect what you’re doing at the moment and even your mood.

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