fender_tuneBack in the day if you wanted to tune your guitar or bass, you’d either have to use a piano (assuming the piano has been tuned properly) or buy a separate device in the form of a tuner. While physical tuners still exist, thanks to our smartphones the need to carry around a separate device is becoming less necessary.

In fact for Android guitar or bass players, you might be interested to learn that Fender has finally released its Fender Tune app for Android smartphones. The app isn’t exactly new as Fender Tune was actually launched on iOS devices back in August of last year, so the only difference is that it is now available for Android.

It works pretty much how you would expect a tuner to work, except that unlike regular tuners or other tuning apps, Fender Tune will offer up suggestions on getting the right tone, like how to strum, how to set up your amp, and so on. There will also be an automatic or manual tuning option that musicians can choose between.

The app is free of charge with no in-app purchases, so if you are interested to see if Fender Tune can potentially replace your regular tuner, hit up the Google Play Store for the download.

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