prosthesis[CES 2017] How many of us were inspired by the movie Pacific Rim, where we lost ourselves in the thought of actually mind-melding with massive robots to combat untold horrors from a different dimension? Sure, the whole kaiju genre has been explored far earlier on, but none had the amazing special effects that Pacific Rim had. Well, Furrion is still light years away from such a possibility, but this has not stopped them from coming up with their very first exo-bionic racing mech at CES 2017.

Known as the Prosthesis, it lays claim to the mantle of being the world’s first exo-bionic mech racing suit. At first glance, it might look really intimidating, but Prosthesis has been specially developed to assist the pilot, resulting in a responsive, stable and powerful exo-bionic platform which will be able to amplify whatever motions that the pilot makes.

Truly the first of its kind, the Prosthesis might be the hallmark exo-bionic machine that ushers in a new era of large scale, high-performance mech technology. It is certainly a radical departure from what we have seen in the past, bringing together off-road racing alongside industrial motion control so that we humans are able to “enjoy” a new generation of machines that are piloted by humans.

The Prothesis will stand at close to 14 feet in height, is 16 feet wide and tips the scales at over 8,000 lbs. You surely can’t miss it on the CES showfloor, where electricity powers it. This behemoth is able to run at 21 mph, jump up to 10 feet high in the air (and hopefully not land on any puny humans!) and run for 2 hours on a single charge.

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