giroptic-360[CES 2017] If you’re looking to capture virtual reality content, you will need a camera that can capture photos or videos in 360-degrees. Unfortunately no smartphone possess that capability at that moment, and the best solution is to grab a panoramic photo and hope for the best. At least that was until the Giroptic iOS was introduced.

The company behind the iO has been dabbling in 360-degree camera products, having launched the 360cam back in 2014. However the difference is that with the iO, it is a smartphone attachment which means that all you need is your smartphone and the iO attachment and you will be able to capture 360-degree content on your mobile device.

This saves users money from having to purchase a dedicated 360-degree camera, and it is also cuts down on bulk since all you need is the attachment since you pretty much bring your phone wherever you go. Users can capture 360-degree content via the accompanying app and share it via social media platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube, or even broadcast live via YouTube’s streaming platform.

The Giroptic iO attachment does not come cheap as it is priced at $250. Pre-orders are available via the company’s website and it is expected to see a 17th of January release.

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