lg-rolling-bot-racing_1Robots are the way of the future as from what we can tell, the have many purposes such as being used to help automate production, clean your house, and provide you with companionship. If you are excited to see what the future of robotics holds for us, you’ll be pleased to learn that LG will be focusing on robots this coming CES.

In an announcement on its website, LG has revealed that they plan on showing off several different robots at CES 2017 which takes place later this week. There will be at least two models shown off, one of which is is aimed at taking care of one’s backyard where it can help with gardening, and the other is dubbed the “Hub Robot”.

According to LG, the Hub Robot is “designed for home use will double as a smart home gateway and a personal assistant for consumers.” We’re not sure what we can expect but from what we can tell, it sounds like a robot assistant that would marry the likes of the Amazon Echo/Google Home with a robotic interface.

We’ve seen similar efforts from the likes of Sharp in the past, so we have to wonder how similar will LG’s offering be? In any case do check back with us later in the week for more details.

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