linksys-velop-lifestyle-1WiFi mesh devices seem to be pretty popular these days. Google recently launched their own efforts with Google WiFi, and it seems that Linksys has no interest in giving up their market share to the company. This is why it isn’t surprising to see Linksys announce the Velop Whole Home WiFi system that CES 2017.

If you live in a relatively small home, like a studio or 1-2 bedroom apartment, there’s a good chance that you could get away with having a single wireless router. However if you live in a large house with 2 floors or more, then this is where it gets tricky and it is also where Linksys’ Velop system comes into play.

The setup process appears to be pretty simple and you basically set up the routers around the home to create a mesh network to envelope the whole area with WiFi. Linksys boasts that they use a Tri-Band solution that resolves bottlenecking, and is also supposed to outperform traditional router and range extender combos, thus providing users with optimal connectivity all the time.

It comes with an accompanying smartphone app that lets users control their network remotely. It also works with Amazon’s Alexa platform where you can use voice commands to get it to perform certain tasks, such as enabling/disabling guest WiFi. If the Linksys Velop sounds like something you might be interested in, a single device will set you back $200. A 2-pack will retail for $350, while a 3-pack will go for $500.

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