Image credit - Ashley Murphy

Image credit – Ashley Murphy

Thanks to YouTube, finding video tutorials for all sorts of things has become a piece of cake. Whether you want to learn how to dance, how to cook, how to paint a mural, learn how to beatbox and so on, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find something for it. Now it seems that one woman by the name of Cara Brookins has taken it to the next level.

In a report from CBS News, Brookins, a mother of four, actually managed to build her family a home by watching YouTube tutorials. According to her story, Brookins and her family were coming from abusive relationships and according to her, she was looking for a safe place for her and her family and the idea of building her own home came to her since buying a pre-existing home was out of her budget.

“I had rented this cabin for a Thanksgiving getaway, and driving there, we passed this house that had been ravaged by a tornado. It was this beautiful dream house and it was sort of wide open. You don’t often get the opportunity to see the interior workings of a house, but looking at these 2x4s and these nails, it just looked so simple. I thought, ‘I could put this wall back up if I really tried. Maybe I should just start from scratch.’”

According to Brookins, “This was 2008, so YouTube was not then what it is now. There weren’t really comprehensive videos or channels devoted to this sort of thing. But there’s a lot of ways to frame a window or to put a foundation together. So, we would watch three or four videos for each stage of construction and then think, ‘Which one of these is going to work the best for us?’”

Naturally all four of her kids lent a helping hand to which she is very proud of. “It hurt. It was not something that was a great match to us physically, but my kids got up every day and they came out here. I was working all day and they were in school, and we would work into the night sometimes by headlights. It was incredibly intense. There was nobody going to the movies. There were no dates, no hanging out. It was all hands on deck.”

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