It is no secret that Japan loves its robots. We’ve seen robots deployed in the country for all kinds of uses, whether it be to greet customers at a store or to help them check into a hotel. That being said, the next time you were to visit Japan and you arrive at the country’s various airports, don’t be surprised to see robots zipping by you.

This is because Panasonic has started to roll out the use of robots at Japan’s airports. At the moment the company’s HOSPI robots are being trialed at Narita Airport in Chiba, Japan, which is usually where people arrive at when they are visit Tokyo. These robots will be used to help restaurants at the airport collect plates, serve drinks to customers, as well as provide directional information.

The HOSPI robot isn’t actually a new invention. The robot was originally designed to be used in hospitals where it would help bring around medical samples and files to doctors, thus saving them a trip or two. In fact it is actually deployed at four hospitals around the country. Also due to the fact that it is operating in a hospital, it comes equipped with high-performance sensors and collision-detection technology, which means that they are more or less ready to go right out of the box.

It is unclear if these robots will become a permanent fixture at Japan’s airports, but we guess Panasonic is looking to see if these robots can be used in non-hospital settings.

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