pokemon-goWhen Pokemon GO was first released and the demand for the app proved to be higher than what many had expected, analysts were quick to jump in and offer their predictions. According to these analysts, Pokemon GO had the potential to earn $1 billion a year from in-app revenue, which safe to say is a lot.

However it turns out that maybe the game could have beaten the expectations of analysts. According to a new report from App Annie, it seems that the game might have earned a whopping $950 million in 2016. It should be noted that the app was released in July which means that in less than a year, the app was well on its way to reaching the $1 billion mark.

At the rate things are going, it is possible that Pokemon GO will cross the $1 billion mark by July 2017. According to App Annie, “By attracting millions of non-gamers, it reached a level of success that eludes even some of the most successful traditional video games. This was thanks to the game’s beloved intellectual property, simple mechanics, real-world augmented reality gameplay, and perhaps most of all, its social nature.”

That being said, paid players of the game are currently on decline. This isn’t surprising given that the updates made to the game haven’t been particularly substantial. Many players are still waiting for the ability to trade Pokemon with other players, as well as being able to battle friends and other players around them.

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