Presidents, they’re just like us, or are they? One big difference between you and the president of the United States, apart from all the power and prestige that the position brings, is that you can use a normal smartphone but POTUS can’t due to obvious security concerns. This is precisely why even before he was sworn in, President-elect Donald Trump had to trade in his Android smartphone for a secure device.


The New York Times reports that Trump has had to trade in his Android smartphone for a “secure encrypted device approved by the Secret Service.” His new phone number is only known by a handful of people because he now occupies the highest office in the land.

It’s unclear precisely which Android handset Trump was using but reports suggest that it was a Samsung Galaxy device. It’s also believed that this was the smartphone he used to send his infamous tweets from.

Little is known about the handset he’s using now. It’s likely going to be the same or about the same as the device that President Obama was using in office. He was given a new device last year to replace his old but heavily secured BlackBerry.

Given the extremely high security concerns about a device that the president uses to communicate with his top aides, it’s unlikely that this particular device would provide the 45th president access to Twitter.

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