Those who follow PC game news will be aware that games that use the Denuvo DRM are very hard to crack. Gone are the days when almost every game would be cracked within days of being released. However, many will be interested in finding out how the Resident Evil 7 PC crack was achieved in merely five days after this much-awaited game was released.

Rise of the Tomb Raider was the last Denuvo-protected game that was cracked and that happened in 2016. To be clear, it’s not like games with Denuvo DRM can’t be cracked at all but they are notoriously tough to do so.

Denuvo’s director of sales Thomas Goebl confirmed as much last year when he said that the position of their product is “hard to crack” and not “uncrackable,” adding that “for us it is important to secure the initial sales window of games, which worked out well on all the recent titles.”

Multiple reports are now suggesting that the Resident Evil 7 PC crack has been achieved in just five days after the game was released. This leaves the door open to all Denuvo games being cracked over the next few months and even future games protected by the latest version of its anti-tamper technology might be cracked in a few days as well.

There are already quite a few PC gamers who have refused to purchase Resident Evil 7 due to Denuvo. It remains to be seen whether Capcom will now decide to remove Denuvo as it has been cracked and doesn’t really serve the purpose it was supposed to do in the first place.

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