samsung-logoSmartphones these days are more or less the same, and it cannot be helped as over the past 10 years, the market has become saturated and matured. However Samsung believes that smartphones models can still differentiate themselves from each other, and that is through artificial intelligence (AI).


In the announcement of the company’s latest financials, Samsung revealed that they believe that AI will help differentiate smartphones moving forwards. “Although the growth of the global smartphone market is expected to slow this year, new services such as artificial intelligence (AI) will be a differentiating factor.”

It is interesting to see them say that because one of the popular rumors making its rounds is that Samsung will introduce a new AI voice assistant to the Galaxy S8. Dubbed Bixby, it seems that this AI will be more than just a voice assistant as it will also be able to recognize objects using the smartphone’s camera, just to name some of its rumored capabilities.

In any case perhaps we might be reading too much into it, but like we said it is interesting especially when you consider the rumors. Either way we will find out more for ourselves when Samsung does officially announce the Galaxy S8 which last we heard, might be in late March or early April.

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