samsung_chromebook_pluspro_6Laptops are a dime a dozen and some of them range from being really cheap to really expensive. If you don’t really see the need for an expensive laptop and just want one for writing up reports, doing assignments, or just general browsing, Chromebooks are a good solution and as luck would have it, Samsung has two for you.

Announced at CES 2017, Samsung has taken the wraps off two new Chromebooks: the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro. Both laptops are of the same size, and both feature 12.3-inch 2400×1600 touchscreen LED displays. They are also hybrid-like devices thanks to the flexibility which allows them to transform from a laptop into a tablet, and an accompanying stylus will allow users to use its touchscreen comfortably.

Naturally there are some differences between either model, with the Plus model sporting an ARM OP1 hexa-core processor, while the Pro model will go with an Intel Core M3. The graphics will also differ with the Plus using internal graphics, while the Pro will rely on Intel’s HD graphics. Granted neither will beat the use of a discrete GPU, so it really boils down to what you expect to do on your Chromebook.

The most interesting recent update about Chrome OS is that it is now able to run Android apps too. Although this will certainly boost productivity for offline apps, and apps that could otherwise not be accessible via the browser, it remains to be seen if they work as well as they would on a native Android device.

As for pricing, no word on how much the Chromebook Pro will cost, but Samsung has priced the Chromebook Plus starting at a very affordable $449.

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