sevenhugs-smart-remote-1What started off as an Indiegogo project is now ready and waiting to be released. We are at CES Unveiled, where the Sevenhugs Smart Remote is certainly an interesting proposition for any smart and connected home.

While universal remote controls are dime a dozen and have been increasing in capability over the years, this Sevenhugs offering is something else.

With the Smart Remote, you can control virtually any device: be they TVs, media players, speakers, lights, thermostats and others, through different channels such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared.

It is as simple as pointing at the device that you want to take control of, and the Smart Remote’s display will automatically make the relevant adjustments, showing the relevant controls without you having to scroll through and make selections.

"CONTROL VIRTUALLY ANY DEVICE"The high definition touchscreen on the Smart Remote delivers an intuitive interface that is specific to that particular device in order to control it. This makes it virtually the only remote control that you would need at home, but I would not throw out all of the stock remotes that accompanied your original appliances unless you live alone. Others in the family might want to turn on the fan or lights, or open the garage door, and if you are going to hog the Smart Remote, then they’re done for.

With an ever growing list of new devices and services being added from time to time, you might want to make an inventory on your home appliances and devices and cross check them against the list of compatible brands here before making a purchase.

Just in case the Smart Remote decides to play a game of hide-and-seek with you, fret not. Press the lost and found button on the charging base and the Smart Remote ought to ring to reveal its location.

Right now, the Smart Remote can be ordered for $229 a pop, which is $70 off the regular price — limited to just 500 units. A dual pack will cost $419 from the regular $589 price, while the triple pack will retail for $599, arriving in limited quantities. Regardless of the size of your order, it will still ship later this August 2017.

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