temptraq[CES 2017] TempTraq knows just how anxious parents can get when their little one is down with a fever, and might continue to fidget and fret through the night. Thankfully, technology has certainly made life a whole lot more convenient and easier over the years, and TempTraq’s attempt for such anxious parents has seen the development and subsequently, announcement of a body temperature monitoring patch that can last for up to 48 hours.

This brand new 48-hour body temperature monitor increases the run-time of its existing patch by two times, making it easier for parents to help care for their sick children. It would come in handy in particular through the entire night, where the wearable TempTraq Bluetooth temperature monitor will work on sensing, recording, and sending the current body temperature non-stop for the next 48 hours to a connected mobile device. These readings will be shown via a free downloadable app.

In other words, parents can now sleep better and for longer periods of time, being alerted only when the temperature of your child goes beyond a certain level. Not only that, the sick child will also be able to have better degree of rest without having their sleep disrupted just to check on their temperature. It takes mere seconds for the wearable patch to detect the current temperature and ping it to your smartphone. As long as the parent remains within a 40 feet range of the child, alerts can be received.

The new 48-hour patch will be released in Q1 2017 for $24.99 apiece.

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