A couple of new reports published today reveal that Microsoft is working on a new safety feature for the Windows 10 called Dynamic Lock. The idea with this feature appears to be very simple. The Windows 10 Dynamic Lock feature is going to automatically lock and secure your PC when you step away from it. This saves you the hassle of doing it on your own and also prevents against the risk of your data being stolen if you ever forget to manually lock your PC.


According to the reports, this feature is referred to as Dynamic Lock in the recent beta builds of Windows 10 and Microsoft internally refers to it as “Windows Goodbye.” That’s a cheeky name when you consider that the biometric access control system on Windows 10 is publicly called Windows Hello.

Sure, it doesn’t take more than a second to hit the winkey+L combination to lock your PC, but technology should be about making your life easier. The biggest advantage of this feature will certainly be the protection against the risk of authorized access in the event of the user forgetting to manually lock the PC.

What the reports don’t reveal at this point in time is how Windows will detect and measure inactivity to decide whether or not the PC should be locked automatically. Users can already configure Windows to lock the PC automatically after a certain amount of time has passed but if it becomes capable of doing this on its own without requiring any input from the user, that would really make life easy for many Windows 10 users.

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