The only downside to taking selfies with cameras is that unless it is equipped with a wide-angle lens, sometimes it’s hard to fit everyone into a group shot, or it is hard to give proper background information so that people know where you are. This is where drones come in handy, where they are able to fly further distances and help you grab a better angle.

However drones aren’t cheap and they’re not exactly very portable either, or at least that was the case until the AirSelfie came along. The AirSelfie is basically a drone that can fit into your pocket. Heck, it is small enough to the point where it can actually slide into a special slot in a smartphone case, meaning that you won’t have to bring around multiple devices.

It measures 67.4*94.5*10.6mm and weighs 52g. It boasts a flight time of about 3 minutes and can be controlled from as far as 20m away via a smartphone app. It also comes equipped with a 5MP sensor that can also grab video footage at Full HD resolution at 30fps. We have to say that its 3 minute flight time isn’t exactly very impressive, but if you wanted a drone that you could whip out on the fly, this could be it.

It is priced at $261.45 and can be pre-ordered via its website where it is expected to begin shipping out to customers this coming May.

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