Less than a decade ago, BlackBerry was a dominant player in the smartphone market. The company made what were believed to be the best smartphones at that time and it was leading the pack alongside rivals like Nokia. We all know what happened to Nokia and BlackBerry didn’t really survive as well. It has been constantly bleeding market share since 2007 and ten years later, Gartner’s latest research report shows that the company’s market share has now hit 0.0 percent.

According to Gartner, 431 million smartphones were sold in the final quarter of 2016 and that only 207,900 of those devices were BlackBerry handsets running the company’s own operating system. This means that BlackBerry’s market share is even less than a single decimal percentage point, if you really want to go into the specifics, it’s 0.0482 percent.

BlackBerry’s own ecosystem is long dead, even the company has accepted that. It hasn’t released a new BB10 OS-powered smartphone in a couple of years and has completely shifted to Android. It’s no longer even making its own smartphones, the company is teaming up with contract manufacturers like TCL who will now make BlackBerry-branded smartphones.

The Canadian company’s hold on the global smartphone market is no more and it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to return to a position of dominance once again. Well, at least it had a good run.

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