[MWC 2017] DJI is a company that many of you guys are probably familiar with when it comes to consumer drones, but it looks like the company is interested in expanding beyond consumer drones as they have announced the Matrice 200 at MWC 2017, a drone which seems to be aimed more towards industrial usage rather than your typical hobbyist.

If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because last year DJI unveiled the Matrice 600, so basically the Matrice 200 is a continuation of the Matrice lineup. The Matrice 200 comes in a couple of variants, such as the M200 which is the base model that sports a single downward-facing gimbal mount.

However if you’re after a bit more variety, then the M210 features a pair of downward mounts as well as a top mount for filming overhead. However apart from that, both models are the same and will rely on DJI’s flight management systems as well as use the DJI Pilot app. There will be smart features such as subject tracking, autonomous circling, and ActiveTrack.

The drones are also rated IP43 which means that they’ll be operable in mild inclement weather, although we wouldn’t suggest that you fly them in a storm or heavy rain, but basically if there’s a bit of rain or moisture, you won’t have to worry about them getting spoilt. Pricing for the new Matrice 200 drones was not mentioned but they are expected to go on sale come Q2 2017.

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