You know how sometimes when you watch longer videos on YouTube and that midway through these videos, or maybe at multiple points in the video ads will start playing? As annoying as that is, it is how YouTube and creators make money, and if you didn’t like that feature, you won’t be too thrilled to learn that Facebook is adopting something similar as well.

According to a report from Recode, Facebook has announced that they will start putting ads midway through videos. We guess if you grew up watching TV then you know that ads halfway or quarter way through your shows are to be expected. According to Facebook, the feature is now live but they are calling it a “test” for now.

Facebook’s video ambitions aren’t new and with a dedicated video app coming to smart TVs and devices like the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, it makes sense that Facebook is finding more ways to monetize their videos. Recently we heard how Facebook is also looking into live streaming MLB games.

In any case while ads aren’t always looked upon favorably by users, it is good news for publishers and content creators who are hoping to use Facebook as another source for generating revenue. At the moment these video ads are being tested with a small group of US-based publishers, with a split of 55% to the publisher and 45% to Facebook.

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