With social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, accessing and uploading 360-degree photos or videos isn’t an issue. However what if you want to share those photos and videos with your friends? We guess you’d have to link it to them, but if you use the LINE messenger app, you won’t have to anymore.

In the latest update to the app, LINE has added support for 360-degree photos. According to the developer, “360-degree photos are fast becoming one of the most popular tools for sharing memories in a way that’s really immersive. And now you can share them in your chats. Your 360-degree photos are marked with a special icon so you know they’re ready to go before you send them out.”

What this means is that you can now directly send 360-degree photos within LINE and the recipient will be able to view them and pan around without having to leave the app. Of course ideally the other person would have a VR headset to better experience the effect, but otherwise it’s not really a big deal as it is still a nifty feature all the same.

Other changes to the app as part of the update includes the ability to mention usernames within group chats, sending files stored on your device (that aren’t necessarily photos or videos), and also improvement in the quality of video sent in chats. At the moment this update is only available for Android but the iOS changes are expected to come soon.

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