Left: Galaxy S7 Edge. Right: Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has been slowly pushing out the Android 7.0 Nougat update to its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets. The update has been rolling out in the UK, China, and more recently India. It also seems that it could be coming to the US soon as T-Mobile appears to be testing the update.

If you took this to mean that the update will be available in all markets soon, you could be mistaken. According to users reporting on the XDA forums, it looks like some regions in the world might not be receiving the Nougat update by this quarter. A post cites a conversation with a Samsung rep in Singapore who told the customer that the rollout in Singapore might only take place in April or even June.

This means that if you’re in Singapore, don’t expect the update anytime soon. We’re not sure if this is only for the Singapore region, or if it could be affecting all other markets in the Southeast Asian region. It is odd that the update has been delayed for so long, especially when you consider that by then the next major build of Android should already be announced.

In any case for those who absolutely must have the update, there are ROMs that are based on Nougat that you could check out, if not we guess you’ll just have to remain patient and wait for the update, but like we said it seems to be only Singapore that is facing the “delay”, so maybe other markets could expect it sooner.

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