Earlier this year Microsoft confirmed that they might not announce Project Scorpio ahead of E3, meaning that if you were hoping to learn more about the console before the event you might be out of luck. Unfortunately that hasn’t changed, but the good news is that we now have a date to look forward to.

In an announcement by the official Xbox Twitter account, Microsoft has confirmed that they will be holding an E3 2017 briefing on the 11th of June, 2017. While Microsoft did not state exactly what will be unveiled, the image of the invite clearly suggests that it will be Project Scorpio related.

Presumably things like the hardware specifications of the console will be revealed, along with pricing and availability so if you’ve had your eye on the console and that the PS4 Pro wasn’t as impressive as you had hoped, then this could be worth looking forward to. So far there has been a bit of praise sung about Project Scorpio in which some have found it to be more powerful than they had thought.

In any case we still have quite a few more months of waiting to do, so remember to check back with us during E3 2017 for all the official details.

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