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Microsoft Xbox One X Price, Specs, Release Date Confirmed
After months of endless speculation and teasers, Microsoft today announced the console that we’ve until now known as Project Scorpio. No, that’s not what it’s going to be officially called. Microsoft has confirmed during its E3 2017 press conference today that the new console is going to be called Xbox One X. It has also confirmed the price, specs, and release date of this console.

Project Scorpio Xbox Price Possibly Revealed
There is a lot of excitement about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Xbox. The company is finally going to officially unveil the most powerful Xbox console that it has ever made. Over the past few months, we have heard a lot of rumors and reports about this console. We have another report merely hours from the official announcement and it’s pertaining to the Project Scorpio Xbox’s price.

Analyst Predicts Microsoft’s Project Scorpio To Sell For $399
Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will be the company’s latest iteration of the Xbox. From what we have been hearing, it is going to be a powerful console, more so than the PS4 Pro. So with all that new fangled hardware under the hood, does that mean that we can expect to see an expensive price tag?

Project Scorpio Xbox China Release Confirmed
Microsoft conducted a hardware-focused event in Shanghai today where it unveiled the much-rumored new Surface Pro computer. The company also had an Xbox-related announcement to make at the event. It’s already selling the Xbox One in China, and the company has confirmed today that the Project Scorpio Xbox is also going to be released in China. The most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made will be released in China […]


Project Scorpio Reveal Confirmed For E3 2017
Microsoft confirmed last year that it’s working on a new Xbox console codenamed Project Scorpio. The company hasn’t confirmed much about the console at this point in time but more information about its internal specifications was confirmed recently. It hadn’t announced previously when the Project Scorpio Xbox would properly be unveiled and it has ended that confusion today.

Project Scorpio Specifications Confirmed By Microsoft
We found out recently that Microsoft was going to provide an exclusive to a major gaming news outlet through which it was going to confirm the Project Scorpio specifications. The company has done that today and we finally know what the most powerful console it has ever made touts under the hood. We already know that the Project Scorpio Xbox is going to run at 6 teraflops which is greater […]

Xbox Scorpio Hardware Reveal Confirmed For April 6th
Xbox fans have been anxious to find out more information about Project Scorpio which was announced by Microsoft last year. This is going to be the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever built but so far the company hasn’t said much about its hardware specifications let alone show what it’s going to look like. We heard last week that the Project Scorpio hardware reveal might take place via a […]

Project Scorpio Specs May Be Revealed Very Soon
Microsoft has kept a lid on information about Project Scorpio ever since it confirmed the project last year. We know that it’s going to be the most powerful Xbox that the company has ever created and that it’s going to allow players to experience true 4K gaming. However, not much is known about the specs of this console right now. A new report suggests that Microsoft will reveal Project Scorpio […]

Project Scorpio 4K Gaming Will Be Demonstrated With Forza 7
Xbox fans are anxiously waiting for Microsoft to unveil Project Scorpio, the most powerful console that it has ever made. According to a new report, Microsoft is going to demonstrate Project Scorpio 4K gaming with two titles, Forza 7 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Microsoft is reportedly going to unveil Forza 7 as the headliner for Project Scorpio in the coming weeks.

GameStop Is Apparently 'Impressed' By Project Scorpio Xbox
We’ve known since last year that Microsoft is developing an Xbox console codenamed Project Scorpio which is going to be the most powerful console it has ever created. The company is going to unveil more details about Project Scorpio in the coming months. According to a new report, retailer GameStop has been “impressed” by what Microsoft has shown it of the Project Scorpio so far.

Project Scorpio To Feature Internal Power Supply And 4K Game DVR
Microsoft is due to unveil the most powerful Xbox it has ever made in a couple of months. The company hasn’t confirmed much about the console so far and even though the pre-order Project Scorpio page has now gone live on the Microsoft Store, the official details haven’t really been released. According to a new report, the Project Scorpio is going to have an internal power supply unit and 4K […]

Pre-Order Project Scorpio Page Goes Live On Microsoft Store
Microsoft confirmed quite a long time back that it’s working on a more powerful Xbox console under the codename Project Scorpio. Not much has been confirmed about the powerful console at this point in time but we expect the company to share more details about it in the coming months. Even though the official announcement hasn’t been made yet, the pre-order Project Scorpio page has gone up on the Microsoft […]

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Will Be Unveiled June 11, 2017
Earlier this year Microsoft confirmed that they might not announce Project Scorpio ahead of E3, meaning that if you were hoping to learn more about the console before the event you might be out of luck. Unfortunately that hasn’t changed, but the good news is that we now have a date to look forward to.

Xbox ‘Project Scorpio’ Will Play Some Games In Native 4K
Recently some details about Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio” was revealed which is that unlike the Xbox One or the Xbox One S, Scorpio will not be featuring ESRAM. The reason for this is because Microsoft wants to ensure that developers do not create Scorpio-only games, which would essentially alienate Xbox One and Xbox One S gamers.

Xbox One Project Scorpio RAM Details Leaked
Microsoft has confirmed that it’s working on a more powerful version of its Xbox One console that’s codenamed Project Scorpio. The company isn’t expected to show off this console until E3 2017 later this year but a new report claims to leak some Project Scorpio RAM details. One of the biggest differences between Project Scorpio and the Xbox One and Xbox One S is said to be the removal of […]

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Might Not Be Shown Before E3 2017
With Microsoft’s Project Scorpio scheduled for a launch this year, we guess many expect that the company will unveil it at E3 2017 which actually would make a perfect launch platform, or even earlier. However it seems that Xbox boss Phil Spencer isn’t too optimistic about the console being shown off before the event.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Apparently More Powerful Than Expected
With the PS4 Pro having been launched, all eyes are on Microsoft to see what they will be answering with. We know that Microsoft is working on an upgraded Xbox One console codenamed Project Scorpio, and apart from the promise to run Microsoft games at a native 4K resolution, not much else is known about the console.

4K PlayStation 4 Neo Will Reportedly Beat 4K Xbox One To Market This Year
Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they are working on more powerful versions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but they are yet to confirm precisely when these consoles will be released. One big advantage these consoles will have over existing models is that they will have support for native 4K gaming and the power boost required for an enhanced virtual reality experience. A new report suggests that […]

4K Xbox One With VR Support Confirmed, Arrives Fall 2017
Prior to E3 2016, it was rumored that Microsoft is going to unveil a slim Xbox One this year and it will come out with a more powerful 4K Xbox One with VR support in 2017. That rumor has turned out to be true as Microsoft has confirmed all of this today. Not only is the 40 percent smaller Xbox One S official today but Microsoft has also confirmed that […]