Qualcomm has moved into the virtual reality space as well and it wants to give virtual reality development by original design manufacturers a push. Its ambitions are not just limited to headsets in which you slot a smartphone, it’s interested in all-in-one mobile virtual reality headsets, and last year Qualcomm came out with its own reference design that was based on the Snapdragon 820’s architecture. The company has now updated that VR dev kit.

Qualcomm today announced its new VR dev kit that’s based on the new Snapdragon 835 processor. It has launched a new headset accelerator program today which goes to show that its focus on VR hasn’t faded away.

Four original design manufacturers based in China have already shown interest in building virtual reality headsets based on Qualcomm’s design. Qualcomm is also preparing to launch a head-mounted display accelerator program which will allow companies building VR headsets access to some of Qualcomm’s supply chain partners as well as product marketing help.

Qualcomm’s new development kit is going to feature free motion 6DOF inside-out tracking based on a couple of cameras and it’s also going to feature new eye-tracking technologies that will reduce compute loads on the system. Qualcomm’s new developer kit is going to be released at some point in the second quarter of this year.

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