One of the changes that LG introduced with the LG G6 is its display, in which LG decided that 18:9 would be its new display aspect ratio. This is something the company is predicting will become a highly adopted aspect ratio. The good news is that if you use VLC for your video watching needs, know that the app will support the LG G6.

In an announcement by the developer, they have announced that the VLC Beta app for Android will support the LG G6’s 18:9 aspect ratio. In addition to the update’s changelogs, it will feature DayNight mode integration, as well as support for Android Auto. According to VLC, “You’ll be able to use VLC as your travel music player with easy browsing into you audio library, with the minimum possible distraction from driving.”

There are other features such as an Action Mode where it has been described as, “You can now select multiple items by long press on them (classic context menu is still available with the three dots icon) and enjoy actions like play it all or add selection to playlist”. Note that these features are only in the beta version of VLC for Android.

This means that if you aren’t participating in the beta you won’t be able to see the changes until the beta has been released to the public, which unfortunately we still do not know when that will be.

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