Some Gmail users might not like the incoming email attachment limit that the service has in place. In the past, it would only allow Gmail users to receive emails with an attachment not bigger than 25MB. If an attachment was bigger than that it was automatically blocked on receipt. Gmail has now confirmed that the incoming email attachment limit has now been raised to 50MB.


What this simply means is that Gmail users can now receive emails that contain attachments of up to 50MB. While that’s great, Gmail hasn’t made the same change to the outgoing limit. Gmail users can still only send emails with a maximum attachment size of 25MB.

In case you’re wondering how is it possible for Gmail users to receive emails with 50MB attachments while they can only send 25MB worth of attachments, it’s because there are many email providers out there that allow their users to send far bigger files as email attachments.

Google made this confirmation yesterday in a post on its G Suite updates blog, revealing that it’s now possible for users on Gmail to receive attachments with up to 50MB of attachments. They won’t get blocked on receipt anymore.

It’s certainly going to be a welcome change, though I’m sure many would want the company to make a similar change to the outgoing limit as well.

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