Rick Osterloh, the senior vice president for hardware at Google, said earlier this week during a meeting with journalists at the Mobile World Congress 2017 that his company had “no plans for Google-branded laptops.” This led many to believe that the company would no longer be making any Pixel-branded laptops. However, Osterloh has now followed up his earlier comments with what’s basically a hint that the company hasn’t ruled out Pixel laptops entirely. It may very well come out with one at some point down the road even if it doesn’t have anything to share about one at this point in time.

Osterloh’s comments at the Mobile World Congress 2017 were taken as a suggestion that Google’s own Chromebooks – released under the Pixel brand – are dead. He has refuted that assumption on Twitter saying that this isn’t the case.

The executive adds that Google’s own Chromebooks will live on and that what he meant by what he said was that the company doesn’t have any plans to share about new Chromebooks at this point in time. This obviously doesn’t mean it won’t have something to say about this in the future.

It’s unclear why Osterloh felt the need to backtrack on comments that he made earlier. Perhaps he wants to dispel the impression that Google will stop making its own Chromebooks even if it doesn’t plan on using the Pixel brand for notebooks anymore.

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