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Google Could Bring Its Radar Technology To Future Chromebooks
One of the nifty features we saw Google introduce in the Pixel 4 was radar-sensing technology, also known as Project Soli. Granted it might come across as novel and somewhat gimmicky, but on paper it does hold a lot of promise. So much so that Google might be considering applying it to future Chromebooks and wearables as well.

Chromebooks Could Get On-Device Google Assistant In The Future
The problem with a lot of digital assistants is that the processing is usually done in the cloud. This is why sometimes when you ask digital assistants like Siri a question, it can take a while for it to respond, but that’s something that Google will be changing with Google Assistant where last year, they announced that they would be baking Google Assistant into devices like their Pixel phones.

Google Is Looking To Bring Steam Onto Chromebooks
Google’s Chrome OS platform and its Chromebooks aren’t exactly known for being designed for gaming. The relative simplistic and straightforward nature of Chrome OS is great for work and students who don’t really require too much from their computers, but it seems that Google is working towards changing that perception.

Google Assistant Starts Rolling Out To More Chromebooks
Google Assistant is Google’s digital assistant software that can typically be found on its Android smartphones, although in the past few years, we’ve seen it expanded to smart speakers. It even made its way to Chromebook devices made by Google, such as the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, and the good news is that Google has expanded on its availability.


Lenovo New Chromebooks Come in Tiny and Large SizesEditor's Pick
At IFA 2019, Lenovo will present two new Chromebook computers that serve the 11-inch and 14-inch market. Both have 360-degree display swivel, a signature Lenovo feature that has been adopted by the rest of the industry.

Chromebooks With Windows Dual Boot May Never Arrive
It has been rumored for a couple of years now that Google has been experimenting with Windows dual book on its Chromebooks. The functionality would have enabled Chromebook owners to basically run Chrome OS and Windows on the same device. New findings show that Google has likely given up on the project which would mean that Chromebooks with Windows dual boot may never arrive.

Chromebook 315 Is Acer's First With AMD Processors
Acer has been in the Chromebook game for long and many of its products are well regarded. The company is showcasing a new Chromebook at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas this week. The Acer Chromebook 315 is the company’s first to be powered by AMD processors. Chromebooks have largely had Intel silicon so many will be interested in seeing how AMD’s chips stack up.

Asus Chromebook Education Series Brings Notebooks And A Tablet
Asus today announced its Chromebook Education Series. It offers lightweight, ruggedized solutions for use in the classroom. The series includes two conventional clamshell laptops, one convertible, and a tablet. Asus will be selling these devices in the coming months and will unveil pricing, configurations, and availability closer to launch.

Elon Musk Donates $423K To Get Chromebooks For Flint Middle Schoolers
Elon Musk has made a considerable donation which will give Flint Community Schools the funds that it requires to purchase laptops for all seventh and eighth-grade students in the district. The donation of $423,600 has been made through the Elon Musk Foundation and it was announced at the school board’s recent meeting.

Google Duo Supports All Chromebooks Now Apparently
Google added support for several Chromebooks to Google Duo, allowing users to utilize the video chat service on their devices. It did this quietly and didn’t really say when Duo will be compatible with any and all Chromebooks. That appears to have happened now. Google Duo apparently supports all Chromebooks now.

Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C330 & S330, For The Budget Conscious
In addition to its high-end Lenovo Yoga Chromebook, the company has launched a couple of affordable Chromebooks as well for the budget conscious customer. The Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C330 & S330 are the two new models which will cater to this important segment of the market, one where Chromebooks have historically done well.

Lenovo Launches The Powerful And Stylish Yoga Chromebook
Lenovo is no stranger to launching Chromebooks, the Chrome OS-powered notebooks that have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The company today announced the launch of a premium Chromebook at IFA 2018 in Berlin. It’s called the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook and it packs powerful specs in a stylish body.

Chromebooks Getting Portrait Mode With Google Camera App
New code has been spotted which reveals that portrait mode is being tested for Chromebooks, the HP Chromebook X2 to be precise. A new commit in the Chromium Gerrit reveals that portrait mode is headed to the HP Chromebook X2. It appears that Google may be moving ahead with plans to integrate its Google Camera app with Chromebooks other than the company’s own Pixelbook.

Staedtler Noris Stylus For Chromebooks Releasing This Summer
Staedtler has developed an education-focused digital stylus for touchscreen Chromebooks in partnership with Google called Noris. The company is no stranger to making such products as it already has a version of the Noris out for Samsung’s Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro. The company will now be releasing a Noris digital stylus for other Chromebooks later this summer.

Acer Unveils Chromebook Spin 15, Spin 13 Laptops
Hybrid laptop devices are becoming pretty common these days and usually it is aimed at users who want the best of both worlds of a tablet and a laptop. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Acer has a couple of solutions for you that could be worth checking out.

Dell And HP May Be Developing Pixelbook Rivals
Google’s Pixelbook is a high-end Chromebook and it doesn’t really have a rival as most manufacturers tend to make affordable laptops powered by Google’s cloud-based operating system. However, if a new report is to be believed, there are at least five high-end Chromebooks in the pipeline with at least two of them being developed by Dell and HP.

4K Chromebook Codenamed 'Atlas' Possibly On The Horizon
It has long been expected that Chromebooks will receive even better specifications down the line and that’s expected to happen possibly later this year. Some new references have been discovered in the code of this operating system which suggests that there’s a 4K Chromebook being developed with the codename “Atlas.” It was only a matter of time before Chromebooks got such high-resolution displays and it may very well happen this […]

Lenovo Ruggedized Chromebooks Deliver Affordable Touch and Pen
At Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Lenovo has announced that a trio of Chromebooks (100e, 300e, and 500e) previously sold only through education channels would be available to the general public.

Google Assistant Being Prepared For Other Chromebooks
You can’t use Google Assistant on a Chromebook unless you spend a lot of money on Google’s Pixelbook. The company launched this premium Chromebook last year and aside from the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, it was one of the few devices with native Google Assistant integration. It appears that the company is now preparing Assistant for Chromebooks other than the Pixelbook.

Samsung's New Chromebook Could Offer Native Video Recording
Chromebooks are powered by Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS and they’ve been very well received particularly in the education sector. These machines are lightweight, nimble and not to mention cheap compared to conventional PCs. Despite all that they’ve got going for them, Chromebooks have never offered a native video recording feature because Google never built one into Chrome OS. That might change with the new Chromebook that Samsung has reportedly been […]