Google has released a new app called Uptime to make your YouTube viewing experience more social. The app comes from the company’s Area 120 incubator program. Uptime allows you to meet friends, share YouTube videos with them, add graphics like hearts and comments as well as stickers to have a YouTube viewing party on the go.

Google launched its Area 120 incubator last year. It’s an internal program for employees which allows them to spend up to 20 percent of their time on approved projects. One of the many groups working on projects in Area 120 has now followed through with the Uptime app.

Uptime’s FAQ page reveals that it’s possible to search for video content inside the app and that it will also help users find friends “based on common connections within Uptime.” However, even though Uptime lets users watch YouTube videos together and leave comments, they can’t record or stream their own videos using this app. They can, however, get daily video recommendations from their friends.

You’d expect that Google would first release this app for its own Android platform before it lets iOS users in but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Uptime has only been released for iOS right now and it’s unclear when the company is planning on releasing it for Android as well.

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