Thinking about getting the Nintendo Switch? The good news is that if you envision holding onto your Switch for a long time, know that should it get damaged or spoilt in any way that repairing it will apparently be easy. This is according to the folks over at iFixit who did their customary teardown of the console and have given it an 8/10 for repairability.

According to iFixit, some of the reasons why it did not score higher than an 8 is because of the use of proprietary tri-point screws, which means that unless you own specialized repair tools, the average consumer won’t be able to open the console. They also note that there is the use of strong adhesive which makes that replacing the display or digitizer harder than it should.

However the good news is that apart from the digitizer, the rest of the console’s components appear to be using screws to hold them in place, meaning that removing them should be considerably easier than trying to melt the adhesive. They also point out that most of the components, such as the analog sticks, cartridge reader, and headphone jack are modular.

iFixit also notes that the batteries are also modular, so while they are adhere to their housing, they can be replaced, but we kind of knew this as Nintendo had previously confirmed that the Switch’s batteries can be replaced for a fee.

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