As you might have heard, iOS 10.3 is now live and if you haven’t updated to it already, you should. Now the update clearly brings about a host of changes to iOS 10, and one of those changes will be to apps and how users and developers handle ratings and reviews of it, according to a report from AppleInsider.

If you are familiar with iOS, you know that ratings and reviews of an app have to be done in the iTunes App Store, but that changes with iOS 10.3. Now users can leave a rating within the app itself when prompted, which significantly cuts down the amount of time and app switching that was the previous system.

Previously apps would prompt users to leave ratings, in which if they agree, they will be taken to the app store where they will leave a rating/review, and then they’ll have to switch back to the app which is rather inefficient. With this new system, a lot of the steps have been cut out which could encourage more users to review apps, which could help make it more accurate in determining if an app is worth your time and money.

In addition, developers will now be able to publicly respond to reviews, which allows them to justify certain choices, or maybe acknowledge bugs or problems, or to offer solutions to users who are having issues with the app. These changes should already be live but we guess developers will need to implement it in order for users to see it.

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