The thing we’ve noticed with smartphone OEMs is that the typically stop issuing major updates to their older phones, which we guess makes sense as they’d rather concentrate their resources on their newer devices. However if you’re still holding onto the LG G4 or the LG V10, you can rest assured that the Nougat update will be headed your way.

It was initially announced by LG that neither of these phones would be eligible for the update, but apparently due to pressure from their customers, LG appears to have relented. This is according to a report from ZDNet Korea (via XDA Developers) who revealed that LG officials have confirmed that both devices will receive the update.

However as to when exactly the updates will be headed to both phones, it is unclear when the update will be released, but LG has slated the Korean model to receive it some time in Q3 2017, but there was no mention about the international model. This means we can only assume we’re looking at a release in Q3 as well, or possibly even later.

We know that there is still quite some ways to go before the release of the update, and with the LG G6 and LG V20 having already been released, we’re not sure if customers would have already changed their devices by then, but we suppose better late than never, right?

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