For those living in the US, you might be familiar with the company BLU, who has in the past put out some pretty decent handsets with attractive prices. Admittedly the company has really been making many waves compared to the likes of Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and so on, but it seems that recently they have caught the eye of LG.


According to a report from The Investor, it seems that BLU has caught the attention of LG but not necessarily in a good way. The report is claiming that LG has filed a lawsuit against BLU for allegedly violating five patents that are related to telecom technologies. LG has filed the complaints with the International Trade Commission and the US District Court of Delaware.

LG is claiming that BLU had used key patents related to LTE without their permission, and that they had approached BLU for licensing negotiations but apparently the company did not respond to the requests. They also asked BLU to stop using their technology in which the company refused to do so.

According to Jeong Saeng-gyu, the chief of LG’s patent division, “LG will continue to protect its patented technology and take decisive actions to prevent the illegal use of its intellectual property rights.” BLU has yet to officially respond to the lawsuit and LG’s claims.

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