The Facebook Messenger team today announced a new way for users to share their location in Messenger. The new Live Location feature is being rolled out globally for users on both iOS and Android starting today. It will make it simple and seamless for users to choose to share their location with their friends and family.

Users can share their Live Location with a group of people in Messenger or just one person. The feature will come in handy when you want to tell people how close you are when you’re making your way to an appointment.

After today’s update, users will see a map of their current location after the tap on the Location icon in Messenger. They can tap the blue bar to share their Live Location.

Once it’s shared, the person or people on the other end will be able to see where the user is going on the map for the next 60 minutes. Users can stop sharing their location at any time by simply tapping on the Stop Sharing button.

Users can continue to share static points on the map as they’ve been able to before. This feature comes in handy when, for example, you just want to tell a friend which bar you want them to meet you at.

The Facebook Messenger Live Location feature is rolling out globally for users on iOS and Android starting today.

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