When Google announced their Allo and Duo apps last year, many were wondering that with both apps sharing quite a bit of similarity with Hangouts, what would become of the platform? While some might have been worried that Google would do away with the platform, Google instead reassured users that Hangouts is here to stay.

However Google also revealed that they would be making the service more business-centric. It looks like we could be getting a glimpse at Google’s ambitions as the company has recently launched a new service called “Meet by Google Hangouts”. This is a video calling service that seems to be aimed more towards business users, as evidenced by the front page which references meetings.

We’re not sure if the service is live yet as apart from the landing page, not much else is known about it as Google has yet to officially say anything. However from what we do know, users can join video calls by entering a code, and it will also show users meetings that have been scheduled assuming that they log in with the same user account that they use for work.

We expect that Google will eventually shed more light on what Meet is and what users can do, although exactly how different this is from some of Hangouts features is unclear, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information.

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