You might have read recently that HMD Global recently launched the new Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress 2017 last week. It’s basically a modern version of the Nokia classic that defined the era of featurephones. HMD Global has confirmed that this handset will start shipping in a few months for $50 but if you’re really feeling the love, you should know that it’s now possible to spend $1,700 on a gold and titanium-clad new Nokia 3310.


Russian company Caviar is known for luxury makeovers of mobile devices and it has meted out the same treatment to the new Nokia 3310 which it’s now calling the Caviar Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin.

Caviar’s luxurious Nokia 3310 has a meshed titanium housing with a liberal amount of gold trimming. Since it’s a Russian company, you’ll also find that Russian supremo Vladimir Putin’s face has been etched into the outer shell alongside the national anthem of Russia.

Caviar doesn’t actually make any changes to what’s inside the housing so it’s the same slightly updated version of the Nokia classic. Given that this handset uses a bevy of luxurious materials you can expect it to cost quite a bit. This handset has been priced at 99,000 Russian Roubles which converts to around $1,700. For that insane amount of money, Caviar is also going to throw in a fancy red box.

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