So discovering easter eggs inside software and video games is pretty common as sometimes developers love to leave silly messages or messages of thanks. However it seems that with the Nintendo Switch, the company has decided to leave an easter egg in the hardware itself, or to be more specific, the company has hidden a secret message inside of the Switch’s Pro controller.

According to reports from gamers around the world, it has been discovered that a hidden message has been hidden in the Pro controller of the Switch. This message is hidden directly above the right analog stick and it can be hard to see, but basically it reads, “thnx2 allgamefans!”

You might have a hard time seeing it so what you can do is move the analog stick down and maybe shine some light on it. It’s a rather novel thing for Nintendo to do, but we guess this is something that its fans can appreciate. So far reviews of the Switch have been mostly positive. Sure there are some issues with the controller, namely the Joy-Con remotes, but based on what we’ve read so far, most gamers seem to be relatively pleased with it.

The console has also reportedly sold rather well because over in Japan, it apparently managed to sell over 300,000 units within its first week, compared to the UK where it managed 80,000.

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