A report from about a week ago revealed that there were some Nintendo Switch owners who were claiming that they were experiencing poor WiFi signals on their devices. Nintendo already has a support document on its website that suggests several different ways that gamers can go about remedying it.

However according to a report from Nintendo Life, it seems that there are new WiFi issues that are bad enough to cause framerate drops in games. Apparently this has to do with the console’s WiFi “Auto Connect” feature in which while searching for a WiFi point, it does so in such a way that it affects the CPU, which in turn affects how games are being run.

This is why the framerate drops that are being reported are so sporadic and inconsistent. Some have suggested that disabling the feature is one way to help prevent your CPU from being affected, but whether or not this might end up being an inconvenient thing for you to do remains to be seen, although we have to say that this is hardly a “fix”.

There is some good news and that is according to an anonymous developer, Nintendo is apparently aware of the issue and are working on a software patch that they plan to include in their next firmware update, so hopefully that problem should be dealt with in due time.

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