Wolfenstein 3D is widely considered as the game that helped launch the first-person shooter genre, although there are some who believe that games such as Quake was what helped popularize multiplayer FPS games. Now it has been a while since we last saw a new Quake title, at least until last year where Quake Champions was announced.

The good news for gamers who are looking to check out the game is that Bethesda has since announced that the sign-ups for the closed beta of the game are now live. This means that if you’re interested in taking the game for a spin and getting an idea of what to expect, now’s your chance to do so. Note that this is a beta which means that what you see in terms of features, skills, and graphics might not necessarily be representative of the final game.

However the core gameplay should be there if you want a rough idea of how it will play. From what we can tell, for the most part it still looks and feels like the Quake of yore. However one of the main differences is the introduction of classes where depending on the class you pick, you will have a skill unique to that class.

This is versus back in the day where the models you picked were pretty much for aesthetic reasons, like in Counter-Strike, but we guess with games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Overwatch expanding on the multiplayer FPS genre, this decision doesn’t really come as a surprise. Gamers interested in taking part in the closed beta can sign-up via its official website.

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