It’s not uncommon for companies to come out with tools that enable their customers to easily switch over from a rival’s products to their competing option. Microsoft has been gunning for Apple’s Mac customers with the Surface tablets and notebook. It’s kicking things up a notch by launching a new tool which is going to make it very easy for its new customers to switch from Mac to Surface.

Microsoft has launched its new tool rather quietly. Called the Mac to Surface Assistant, it does what the name suggests, which is basically making it very easy to move all of your stuff from one of Apple’s computers to one made by Microsoft.

As previously mentioned, this tool was actually spotted by users and it doesn’t appear that Microsoft has made any sort of announcement about it. However, the tool is out now and it works as advertised.

Fire up the tool on Mac and it informs you that it can be used to “transfer information (documents, photos, movies and music) from this Mac to your Surface,” leaving absolutely no room for doubt about what can be achieved with the Mac to Surface Assistant.

The Mac to Surface Assistant is available as a free download for all those who are looking to easily switch from a Mac to a Surface computer.

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