The 140 character limit is Twitter’s defining feature and yet it can also be frustrating for some as they have to break down whatever they want to share in multiple tweets. While Twitter removed the limit from Direct Messages a long time back it’s not going to do the same for tweets. However, the company has been working on ways to allow users to express more in 140 characters and it has now decided that users will no longer count against that limit.

When Twitter users reply to someone or a group now, all of the @usernames won’t count against that tweet’s 140 character limit.

It has also simplified conversations following this change. Who users reply to will appear above the tweet text rather than inside the text. Users can tap on “Replying to” to see and control who is tagged in that tweet.

With @usernames no longer being featured in the tweet itself, users will now see what people are saying easily instead of seeing lots of @usernames at the start of a tweet.

Twitter says that this change is based on the feedback it has received from users aside from its own research. The company says that it will continue to think of more ways to make the experience better.

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