Last month WhatsApp introduced a new feature called WhatsApp Status which is basically the same stories feature that we’ve seen Facebook introduce to Instagram, and also what many consider to have been directly “stolen” from Snapchat. However with the introduction of WhatsApp Status, gone were the good old text statuses of yore.


We’re not sure why WhatsApp didn’t want to allow both to exist side-by-side, but the good news is that if you missed regular status updates, you’ll be pleased to learn that it will be making a return in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android. However it won’t be returning in the same form that we were all used to.

Instead it will come in the form of an “About” section that you can fill up about yourself or anything that you want. Granted it’s not really a status, but we guess you could always update it to be about whatever you want, like whether you’re in a meeting, do not disturb, free to chat, and so on.

Note that this is only in the beta version of Android which means unless you have the app, you probably won’t see it. We expect that it shouldn’t be long before it does eventually come out of beta, so we’ll keep an eye out for it.

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