You might remember that a couple of months ago, Xiaomi revealed a smartphone called the Mi Mix. It instantly captured the world’s attention due to its unorthodox design. It’s basically a big piece of glass with almost nonexistent bezels. However, Xiaomi said that it would only sell the Mi Mix in China. However, the company has now decided to sell it outside the People’s Republic as well.

Fans of the company will see this as a good step that will eventually lead to a wider release of the Mi Mix handset. Xiaomi has announced today at an event in Ho Chi Minh City that it’s going to release the Mi Mix in Vietnam on March 22nd.

Vietnam is now the second market where this handset is available and while the launch shows that Xiaomi is open to releasing the Mi Mix outside China, it may take a while before it brings this handset to major markets across the globe.

The company did say a few weeks back that it would launch the Mi Mix in the United Arab Emirates as well at some point in March. With only a couple of weeks left in the month, Xiaomi is yet to provide any details about the UAE launch of this handset.

Those who really want to buy a Mi Mix will now have to import one from China or Vietnam unless and until Xiaomi decides to release it in more markets across the globe.

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