Acer is a brand you might associate with computers and maybe even computer monitors. However it seems that the company has decided to try their hand at VR and have recently announced the Acer Holo 360. This is a VR camera that is powered by Android, which also means that it can be used as a phone (or at least that’s the assumption).


Unfortunately details on the Holo 360 are a bit scarce at the moment, but basically it is a 360-degree camera. In the past we have seen how some companies have designed 360-degree cameras as accessories for smartphones, but in Acer’s case it looks like they have built it right into the phone itself.

It is rather interesting because one of the rumored iPhone 8 features has to do with AR/VR. One of the reasons why it was speculated that Apple changed the layout of its dual cameras for the iPhone 8 is for AR/VR purposes, but it seems that Acer might have beaten them to the punch with the Holo 360.

However like we said, details about the handset are scarce which means that in terms of specs, features, release date, and price, there isn’t much to go on. We have to say that at the very least it is an intriguing device and we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more information in the future.

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